Marble Dining Furniture

Posted by Furniture Lifestyle on 6th Jan 2018

Marble Dining Furniture

If you prefer the finer things in life, nothing can compliment your home than real stone furniture. The weight of the dining tables alone, screams quality furniture is in the room. The colours, and style make a huge impression on the rest of your home, as all fine furniture will.

There are lots of ranges to choose from, in shops, and online, and like buying any big ticket items making choices can be difficult. Let us try to help, by offering some useful information regarding some of the products available on the market right now.

There are three options when looking for stone dining furniture. Marble Effect, is the name given to a range that consists of no marble, or genuine stone, and are normally formed from hard plastic or resin materials. Some look fantastic, and are very well priced, but you are not buying the real thing, and the weight of the table tops will be far lighter than a genuine stone table top.

One of the more popular methods is a combination of materials, consisting mainly of marble, and making the top of the furniture much more consumer friendly by using a lacquered finish. The results are great, and is far easier to maintain than some of the other methods, but unlike genuine stone, it cannot be repaired if any damage is done to the lacquered top. The marble is placed in a mesh underneath the top, adding to both the strength, and the weight of the furniture.

Lastly we have solid stone marble furniture. This is made completely from naturally sourced materials, and can only be compared to other top dining furniture, and second to none in comparison. A layer of protection is added to the table, because even though the stone has been sanded, and buffered the coarse texture of the stone is not desirable as furniture, so some comfort must be added. The tables may incur marks, and scratches, but do not let this alarm you as it is common for the supplier to add a repair kit, that will leave your dining furniture looking brand new after use. The price of genuine stone is in the higher end of the catalogue, but as most things in life, you get what you pay for.

We hope there has been some helpful information in this blog, if you wish to discuss any of theses products in more detail please call a team member in store, or send us an email. Thank you from us all at Furniture Lifestyle.