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Welcome to Furniture Lifestyle, the biggest online source of buying quality divan beds in London.

We provide the durable and inexpensive divan beds in Essex, along with bed frames and headboards. Selling online saves us the overhead expenses and administrative costs. In return, you get unbeatable prices.

There are many reasons why you might prefer a divan base and mattress. We have every style and type available in our inventory to match your exact need.  Due to the storage capacity, these beds are becoming very popular in London. Books, towels, linens or clothes, load whatever you want in these drawers. When our living space is getting smaller every day, squeezing little extra space using these beds seem really advantageous. We have single, double and king size divan bases. You are free to buy only the mattress or the divan base. You can also buy zip link beds, pillows and children’s beds from us.

We offer exceptional customer case when you buy a divan bed in London from us. We will be with you in every step of your purchase, from selecting the bed which fits your bill to getting it delivered and setting it up in your room. You can find every size and shape of divan beds in our collection. If you need something special, you can contact us with your specific requirement and we will create a bespoke divan bed for you.

Our divan beds come with different storage options as well. Sprung base and solid base divan beds have different advantages are both are available from us. Have an unexpected guest? Slide out the second bed from underneath the main bed. With Furniture Land, the options are numerous for divan beds.

Furniture Lifestyle is the Numero Uno choice for divan beds in London for many; time to make it your choice as well.  

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