Dining Furniture

Dining Furniture

Here on this page we will offer lots of information on all the different types of dining furniture we sell here at Furniture Lifestyle. We aim to give you an insight into the styles, finishes, and materials used, to help choosing your furniture that bit easier.

Wooden Dining Furniture

  • Solid Wood furniture is still very popular, with oak being the market leader in UK sales. Wooden furniture is often used with more traditional styles, but there are lots of models in contemporary designs. The most beneficial part of buying real wood, is that it is the only material that can be fully restored if damaged, or becomes worn with age.
  • Wood Veneer dining tables out sell solid wood for price reasons. It is a very thin layer of real wood that is then fixed (usually by glue) to a core panel, and gives you a real wood finish. It gives you all the same surface benefits from using solid wood, but cannot be so easily restored if damaged.
  • Wood Effect furniture is a popular choice in the dining room. It is a photograph, and depending on the quality is made using either paper or cardboard. An acrylic, or a lacquer is then used to finish the furniture, and offer some protection. The wood effect furniture we sell at Furniture Lifestyle is always well made, as there are products available not suited to our usual standard of quality. The price is always better, when comparing similar products finished in solid wood or wood veneer, so there are some excellent offers on in store, and online.

Glass Dining Furniture

  • Glass Dining tables are still be sold, and are usually compared with other modern styles, and the ranges we offer definitely fit into the contemporary designs. The legs, and pedestals are made in wood, metal, or gloss with glass rarely being used with a glass table top. The glass we use on our tables is always UK toughened tempered safety glass, and is shatter proof. For more information regarding any of our glass dining tables, or coffee tables, please contact us in store, and one of the team will be happy to help. We understand that safety is paramount when building your home, and we have always listened to our customers, and it is quite usual for them to mention that glass feels unsafe, so we are happy to give you some advice.

Gloss Dining Furniture

Gloss Furniture is really popular with both our dining, and bedroom ranges. It has been rising in popularity since the trend of modern furniture, and the suppliers making better quality finished model, due to the surge of demand. It is similar to the wood effect furniture, as it is usually a cardboard material used on top of a core material, such as MDF, or chipboard, then the finish is created using a gloss paint, to give the stunning shiny finish. It will vary in quality depending on the supplier, as if you try to make this type of furniture with a lesser quality material it will not be as easy on the eye. We work very hard to buy only the quality that we think is suited, and expected by all of our customers.

Dining Chairs

  • There are loads of styles to choose from, and across our range you can choose different chairs to match any dining table. We have a wide range of designs, and in every finish. Wooden, and chrome frames, and different fabrics to choose from. There are chenille fabrics, microfibre, faux leather, eco leather, all available. For any further information please get in touch, and we will be happy to assist you.