Our Furniture Explained

Furniture Explained

Here on this page we aim to give all our customers information regarding all our products. We are a real shop, so if you prefer to speak to a real person you can always call one of friendly staff at one of our stores.

We think it is very important that our customers have all the information available to help them make the right decision for buying their furniture. In these pages we will explain, in some depth, about all the different types of furniture we sell, the materials used, and different levels of comfort between each product.

We will cover the different types of interiors used inside our sofas, beds, and mattresses. There are lots of different interior fillings available, and at Furniture Lifestyle we cover them all. We will help to make you understand the difference between certain foams, and how using springs instead of webbing can distinguish the comfort for your sofa, or mattress.

There will be information about the types of material we use on our furniture, such as the leather we use, and the fabrics that cover our beds, and dining chairs. In this guide we hope to give an accurate verdict regarding comfort, and durability.

The bedroom, and dining furniture will also be covered, with good solid info about all the different wood, gloss, and glass finishes available throughout our range.

Our team have been in the furniture industry for many years, and passing that knowledge on to our customers really has a positive affect on our business. By buying quality furniture, it allows us to sell quality furniture. We want you to have peace of mind, and take the misery out of shopping, and be a company you can trust, so offering our expertise is just part of the service.

If there is anything we have not covered on these pages, remember you can always speak to someone either in store, by email, or simply give us a call.