Beds and Mattresses

Beds & Mattresses 

On this page we will be looking at the beds and mattresses we sell, and advertise at Furniture Lifestyle. The product knowledge we offer online, and in store is important so all our customers can make the right decision when buying furniture for their home.


  • Bedsteads are the frame that you will place your mattress inside. It might seem obvious, but we find that lots of our customers are often confused of the difference between a bed and a mattress. The bedsteads will normally consist of a headboard, a foot end, two side rails, and a bed base. The styles, dimensions, and materials will vary giving you a bit to think about. The bed base is one of the more deciding factors as it can be a choice of wooden slats, or a flat board. 
  • Divan Bases are an upholstered box usually covered in a cotton fabric. A divan traditionally is the term used when purchasing a bed and mattress together. They are usually the best priced option when looking for a complete bed. If you choose to use a better fabric, or add draws to the divan base the price will go up. They are a flat based surface so are better suited who like their mattress place on a level support.
  • Ottoman Beds are very popular as they are practical and offer additional storage. It is a regular bedstead or divan base, that has a gas assisted hydraulic system that allows you to lift the bed base, and mattress at the same time, and offers a generous amount of storage. The base of the bed will vary depending on the product with an almost equal split of wooden slats, and flat boards.



  • Sprung Mattresses have been around for many years, and are the better known mattress filling. Foam will be used on the top and bottom of the mattress with springs being placed in between. The coil spring has been used for a very long time, and in more recent years a pocket spring system has been adopted. The reason pocket springs have become more popular is they provide better support, as there are usually a minimum of 1000 springs inside. They are small plastic springs, and sometimes foam encapsulated, so the springs are protected by foam and do not touch.
  • Memory Foam mattresses are filled with a latex gel, and get their name from the fact they recover to their original position once you have got off the mattress. They can differ in firmness, with some being incredibly firm, to very soft. This is always down to customer preference, and has no right or wrong answer when choosing the correct mattress. The gel can sometime cause the body heat to get trapped as it cannot escape as easily as other foams, but cooling systems have been designed to help deter this.
  • Natural Foam mattresses are made using a high density reflex foam. It is usually a much harder foam, than memory or latex foam, and are suitable for those who prefer a firm mattress. There are different levels of firmness with reflex foam, with some being compared to sleeping on the floor. They are sometimes requested by customers who suffer from back pain, as it has been known to ease discomfort while sleeping, but please note it is not a cure for back problems.
  • Foam and Spring mattresses are exactly what they say they are. It is simply a combination of springs (usually pocket springs), and the specified foam that has been manufactured with it. All sprung mattresses will have foam inside, as springs on their own just wouldn't be comfortable, in fact it would be quite the opposite, but the term foam and spring would usually be used when making the mattress with the aim to combine the two materials to work side by side. It will usually be made with layers of foam either reflex or memory, to give some cushioning before our body weight reaches the springs. 
  • Pillow and Box Top mattresses are becoming more popular with us here at Furniture Lifestyle as it provides an extra, although much smaller mattress on top of the main mattress. The pillow or box top is sewn into the main mattress, adding an extra layer of luxury before reaching the firmer surface below. It allows the factory to make the bottom part with plenty of support, allowing it to be much more robust, as the pillow top does it job above. Some mattresses come with micro springs inside the pillow or box top, that are similar to pocket springs, but as explained in the name much smaller.

Bedstead Materials

  • Faux Leather is a synthetic material made from polyurethane, and gives a fantastic leather look to your bedstead. Real leather is not commonly used on beds for hygiene reasons, as it is breathable. Faux leather is 100% water proof and dust can be easily removed by simply wiping the bed, making it a much more suited material for those with allergies.
  • Chenille is a cotton based material, and looks stunning. It is crafted by using two small piles, and twisting them with the core (main) pile, to give it a great look, and make it soft to touch. Chenille is preferred by those who want soft furnishings in their bedroom, but is harder to maintain than synthetic materials. Chenille will gather dust, the same way clothing or any other cotton goods will, but is hard wearing so allows for firm scrubbing, with the correct brush.
  • Dralon is a man made material created with the use of polymers, and acrylic. It has some cotton base in its composite, but anything from 35% to 85% will be made up of the synthetic material. It gives a shiny effect to your furniture, and is a good compromise between faux leather, and a cotton based fabric, as they are softer than faux, and clean better than chenille.