Full leather sofas are what we refer to within the industry as a sofa covered purely in leather. Many of our customers become confused to wether their sofa is made from leather or a synthetic material, and I then explain what parts of the suite are covered in leather, and the parts that are not when necessary . The descriptions added to all the models on the website will explain in detail what materials the sofas are covered in.When coming into the store you will need to ask a staff member what sofas are full leather, and what are leather and match.

For those of you who are not familiar with the different ways of buying a leather sofa it is not as complicated as it may sound. Full leather is the name given to a sofa covered in 100% cows hide leather, everything you touch, and see is pure hide. When you buy a sofa that is covered in leather and match it means the the seat, back, and arm cushions are covered in cows hide, and the frame is covered in a synthetic material such as PU. It is sometimes sold as leather touch, meaning that all wearing parts are covered in leather.The reason for using a different material on the frame is simply price driven. It saves around 30% from the total cost of a sofa, and with only non wearing parts covered in a synthetic material there is less chance of those areas becoming worn. 

Before this concept became available split hide was used on non wearing parts, which is the weakest cut of leather, and can not be used on seat, and back cushions as it is prone to peeling.In the store and online we currently work with two manufacturers who sell full leather sofas. Since the introduction of leather touch we are seeing less and less sofas made using hide all over. In a price driven industry it is no surprise that this is the case, but for some having their sofas covered in leather all over is still a priority, and here at Furniture Lifestyle we aim to please.For more information about what materials all our settees are covered in, please call, email, or visit us in the store.