Fabric or Leather Sofas

Posted by Furniture Lifestyle on 27th Feb 2018

Fabric or Leather Sofas

Furniture Lifestyle is a family run business, and furniture knowledge has been ‘handed’ down through three generations. With over 40 years of experience, in todays operations we are still learning the trade, as some questions can never be answered, with a simple solution.

In our store we have a wide range of leather sofas, and a fantastic selection of fabric sofas; when asked “which is better” leather or fabric? the answer is never straight forward.

The main reasons for buying leather sofas are, firstly it looks great, and is very modern, and stylish. Then we have the other bonuses of its strength and durability. It is also easy to keep clean. All great benefits for those with a young family, and want to keep their furniture looking new for longer periods of time. Going back to the look, that in itself can be the main deciding factor when buying your sofas, as some sofas just simply look better in leather, and others in fabric.

Once we have explained this to our customers, they will ask why they should buy a fabric sofa. We explain that fabric is a very comfortable material, and is warmer and considered more cozy. There is also a much larger selection of colours, and patterns to choose from, so matching your sofas to your other furnishings can become far more accurate, as the choices become endless.

Unfortunately there is always a flip side, and here at Furniture Lifestyle we like to be honest with our customers, and let them know what they are letting themselves in for. Leather can be cold during the winter, and hot during the summer months, this can be enough to make someones mind up, but do remember that the heating is on during the winter, and the leather will stay room temperature. In the summer we spend more time outside, so our sofas are not sat in as much. The main deciding reason that fabric is often our second choice between the two, is simple, it stains, and marks far easier than leather. If a stubborn stain in inherited on your sofas, there is usually something that can be done, and we would only be too happy to help, if such an instance occurred.

So like most things in life there are always pros and cons, and buying a sofa is no different. Just remember that when shopping, especially for furniture, that choosing the right product can take some time, as your sofas will be with you for some years to come, if leather or fabric.