We would like to pass on some of our knowledge on how to keep your leather sofas clean, and looking like new.

General Cleaning Tips. For everyday care, and cleaning we recommend to use an upholstery shampoo, or leather cleaner. Do not use a dish washing, or laundry detergents. Do not scrub with a brush. Firstly gently vacuum your sofa, to lift all hairs, and dust. Then use a clean damp cloth, and apply with a soft leather cleaner; the cleaner used for leather sofas has a low Ph level, and will not harm your sofas. After you have completed the initial stages of cleaning, use a clean ‘dry’ cloth, and dry your sofas thoroughly before reuse. Make sure to dry your leather sofas in the shade.

Spot Cleaning. The following tips can be very useful, when cleaning your sofa after spills, when accidental stains can occur. Always treat spills and stains as quick as possible. Gently remove and soak up all the excess liquid, from the sofas surface. Do Not Scrub. The remaining liquid must then be treated with a cleaning agent suitable for the particular stain; for example if ink has been spilt, you will be required to use an ‘Ink away pen’, these can be purchased from the website. You must follow all instructions carefully. Do not panic if stains are not fully removed straight away, as in almost all cases you will have to repeat the procedure recommended.

When these types of situations happen, with any furniture, we are happy to offer any additional advice, as treating the stain with the wrong solution can be harmful, and cause further problems to your upholstery. It is also important to give as much information as possible, as there are furniture, and fabric cleaning solutions for every stain known to man, but we will need to know what has been spilt. Oil, coffee, paint, and anything else you can think of can be treated. This will require a professional clean, and can be costly, but it will be better than replacing your furniture before its sell buy date.

Leather sofas are often purchased because maintaining them is so much easier than fabric, and most stains can be removed with ease by yourself in your home. If anything really stubborn does spill, then as we mentioned earlier in this post please give us a call at the Furniture Lifestyle Store.

We hope these cleaning tips for your Leather Sofas have been helpful. So regards from all of us at Furniture Lifestyle.