Aniline Leather

Posted by Furniture Lifestyle on 23rd Mar 2022

Aniline Leather

A customer came into the store this week asking for information about an aniline leather suite. I was happy to help and showed them a model available on the shop floor, and they loved it.

For those of you who are not familiar with aniline hides, I will explain. The hides used on most sofas, are cuts of leather from the top part of the hide. Once the leather has been dried and treated the colour is added, normally by painting. This is where an aniline leather is different as it is dyed. By dyeing the leather it will not hide the imperfections produced from insect bites, and any other injuries the animal may have suffered. Some areas will be unusable if the scars are too bad, meaning more hides will have to be used, which also means more cost.

Aniline leather is by far the most expensive on the market. It is also the only leather finish available where you actually feel the natural material as there is no protection between you and the hide. This means that it must be looked after and treated very carefully, as the material is vulnerable to marks, and stains. It is also more sensitive to direct heat and sunlight, than other leather finishes.

After strict instructions on how to treat, and look after your sofa, it leaves many consumers puzzled to why they are buying such an expensive sofa, and why they then have to work so hard to look after it? The answer is simple, they look and feel fantastic, and over the years will develop a patina giving it a natural shine, and protection. This can only be accomplished with this particular hide, and no other finish. For more information click here.

There are also semi aniline leathers available that are finished in exactly the same way, but have a protective coating to help against stains, and wear. This has been a popular choice by many, but leaves room for debate as the protective coating used, even though very thin, interferes with the leather and the user, meaning you do not have direct contact with the natural hide.

On our website aniline leather is not advertised, but there are some sofas that are available in this finish. If you are interested in buying an aniline leather sofa please let us know, and we can give you all the additional information you need.