Really well made, and designed sofa bed with an exceptionally easy to use mechanism. The mattress is filled with memory foam, and webbing support allows this sofa bed to be used as both a sofa, and a bed all year round. The arms, and back rest are removable, making it easier to move, as with most quality products the structure can be heavy. 

The sofa is covered in top grain Italian leather hide all over, as only the finest materials have been used to make this sofa bed. The seats are filled with latex memory foam, and the backs are filled with foam, and fibre. The sofa is very comfortable to sit on, and the bed is fantastic to sleep in. Overall one of the best sofa beds on the market for its value. 

Available in large selection of leather colours, which can be viewed in store.

For quick delivery the Pisa Sofa Bed is available in Light Grey, Black, and Brown, (10 to 14 days)

Delivery 8-10 weeks


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