leather suite is with no comparison the best choice when buying sofas that you want to last. Leather is a natural product, and when cared for correctly will outlast any man made fabric. The more marks, and scars on the leather will give a good indication of a quality hide.

Although it has a good reputation of being the toughest material on the market accidents can happen. This raises the question with so many customers 'can my leather suite be repaired' and the answer is yes. There are many skilled upholsterers who can conduct the repair of a leather suite. It does not matter how the damage is created, cuts, burns, tears, and scuffs are all treated in the same manner.

On older suites the problem of fading colours can be solved by reapplying a matching colour to the affected area. Ink and dye are two of the most common stains found on leather, and can be treated or removed depending on how serious the mark is. Other household products such as glue, oil, and paint can be removed also, with professional help.

When leather sofas first became readily available, there were very few people who could make repairs. In the early stages, the name for people in this profession was a Leather Doctor, and their services were very expensive. Now almost every upholsterer has acquired this skill, making sofa repairs much cheaper, as they can carry out most jobs on site.

Because there are so many of us who can use a needle and thread, it makes it much simpler to understand how a fabric sofa is repaired. With technology improving in the ways leather is treated, and how it is repaired, it is safe to say that your leather suite will be safe from being dumped for many years to come.

Here at Furniture Lifestyle we take extra special care in searching for the best materials, so we only sell good quality leather sofas. By using better quality materials it makes the sofas go on for much longer, and by using a good leather hide, if any work is carried out repairs are generally much easier to do.

If you need any help or tips in caring for your furniture you can always call one of our team, and they will try their best to give you the best advice.